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Warranty Policy

Whereas it is not expressly specified (e.g., instruction manual of a product), Lilamé warranty covers its products for one year. Warranty covers factory defects and in any case it does not cover damages caused by an improper use of the products. The period of warranty will start from the package reception date together with the fax/email sent after placing the order.

DVD and CD-Roms Warranty
With reference to digital supports (DVD - CD Rom) Lilamé warranty covers its products for two years. Every product has an anti-copy protection so it is not possible to make safe copies. Therefore, in case of damaged support, please contact our Customer Service in order to arrange a method of product replacement.

Replacement under warranty
To avail warranty you must contact our Customer Service at commerciale@lilame.org
The shipping costs for replacement are divided between the seller and the purchaser as follows: the customer will send the defective product back at his own expense and Lilamé will send the customer a functioning product at its own expense. In case of products purchased through invoicing, the customer must supply the shipment with a return goods under warranty note.

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