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Nur al-nas (Light of the people) - CD Audio
“Nur al-nas” is a musical project (CD Audio) dedicated to the Eastern Churches abroad.

The Cantors.
Bachir Osta, Raji Bdeiwi, Michel Georges Skaf

Place of recording:
Vatican City State, at the “Sala Assunta” of Vatican Radio
(on the 12th, 14th and 15th of February, 2014)
Music Assistants: Stefano Corato, Luigi Picardi
Sound engineer: Alvaro D’Amico
Recorded with Neumann U87 microphones
Mixing: Musical Programs of Vatican Radio
Official website: www.aghia.org
Press Office: press@aghia.org
Produced by Lilamé, Valore Italiano srl

Byzantine liturgical music is a sacred instrument of transmission of the faith and the different cultures of the Eastern Church. Today more than ever, from Rome to New York, Paris and Buenos Aires, the unity of prayer lives on through the sound of voices in the original language of communities and their liturgy. “Nur al-nas” is performed in Arabic and Greek because these languages (which are also the native tongues of the singers) are linked to the places of origin of the Melkite Church. We also consider this CD to be a service to the life of the Church, linked to our special mission of constant evangelization, which we consider to be the principal aspiration of the Universal Church.
The tracks of the recording come from the liturgical cycle of the Holy Week, and this has given rise to the title “Light of the people” or the light of the Christos Anesti who defeats the darkness: In Him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. (John 1, 4-5).

Inside the CD case there is an illustration of two icons which symbolically signify wakefulness and light. They both show the Christ Child in a reclining position, although in one icon He is awake with His eyes open (“Christ the Warden”) while in the other he seems to be asleep (Christ Anapeson– “The Unsleeping Eye”). It is in the celebration of the Great Saturday of Resurrection that we talk about the sleep of death, with sleep considered as the rest of the Lord, who rises again from the dead like a young lion, while putting aside the old fleshly garb (Great Saturday, Exapostilárion. Tone II).
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QUASI UN BIG BANG! Potenziare le abilità di riflessione sulla lingua
- Maria Antonietta Pinto (Università "Sapienza", Roma)
- Donatella Fulgenzi (Psicologa)

- ISBN 978-88-97789-55-0

Perchè riflettere sulla lingua, e perché potenziare questa riflessione in alunni della scuola primaria? Il CD-ROM “Quasi un Big Bang! Potenziare le abilità di riflessione sulla lingua” parte da uno studio da cui era emerso che, quanto più basso era il livello della riflessione sulla lingua in alunni di quinta primaria, misurato da un test specifico, tanto più alto era il loro disagio scolastico, misurato da un altro test specifico, l’anno successivo, alla scuola secondaria di primo grado. Da qui, l’idea di potenziare quelle abilità di andare con il pensiero al perché scegliamo quelle determinate parole nella conversazione ordinaria, e perché il nostro interlocutore le sceglie, a sua volta, nei modi in cui lo fa. A questo fine, tutto un percorso di analisi su aspetti basilari dell’uso delle parole - condiviso tra un insegnante e un gruppo di alunni - viene mostrato attraverso video, scritti dei bambini, e un testo che ricapitola i momenti nodali della presa di coscienza collettiva di questi aspetti.

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ALTRO CHE STORIE! - Pratiche di lettura a scuola
Authors: C. Pontecorvo, R. Morani, F. Rossi

(CD-Rom + book)

- ISBN 88-89529-05-9

“Altro che storie!” originated from the collaboration of different professionals: Nursery educators, Kindergarten and Primary school teachers and researchers interested in studying the practices of familiarization with books from nursery to primary school.
The materials presented in the present Cd-rom (video-sequences, written text, audio files) offer valuable ideas and tools supporting the organization of activities with books addressed to children of different age. They also configure as a space of reflection for all those researchers interested in understanding the psychological processes activated by the discovery of a storybook.

Cd-rom including the illustrated book "Una notte un gatto... "
(Y. Pommaux, Babalibri s.r.l., Milan 2002)
(USD Usa 19,25)
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