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Terms & Conditions of Sale

1. Subject
1.1 The present document ("Agreement"), concluded in accordance with the following par. 2 by Valore Italiano™ srl, society owner of Lilamé and, www.lilame.org, with its registered office in Rome, Via Mario Menichini 54, concernes the supply of paper and digital publishing products ("Products") as reported on Lilamé website (Lilamé from now on). The products supply will cover a specific time and consist of specific methods chosen, for each selected item on Lilamé, by a natural person or corporation ("Customer") that, being subject to correct and authentic data registration ("Data") and payment of the amount due in accordance with the following par. 3, must fill and send the online order form available on Lilamé website by clicking on the specific buttons of the webpage. At the end of the order placement, the form will clearly show the total price of the Products including the costs of shipment to the address specified by the Customer.

1.2. Lilamé will deliver the Products to the destination specified by the Customer in the order form. Lilamé reserves the right to modify the terms and the conditions of sale at any moment and by unappealable decision giving notice on www.lilame.org website.

2. Effectiveness - Withdrawal
2.1 The Agreement starts its effectiveness by the day ("Date of Effectiveness") that Lilamé, once checked the payment of the amount due by the Costumer for the purchase of the Product/s and once verified the correctness and the authenticity of the registration data, whereas it has not been done, will provide the shipment of the items. For this purpose, Lilamé and the Customer will give reciprocal and express notice that the effective supply of Products by Lilamé represents, as a formal sanction by the law and by the Contract, explicit acceptance of the Customer's proposal. Apart from the respect of the Customer about the regulations reported in art. 2.1. Lilamè reserves the right not to accept the above proposal by unappealable decision. It is intended that the Customer, by subscribing the order form, commits to receive the Products and to pay the amount due, with the exception of the possibility to withdraw the Contract, according to terms and modalities allowed by the law.

2.2. Pursuant to and in accordance with Legislative Decree n. 185/1999 in force in Italy, the Customer has the right to withdraw the Agreement within 10 (ten) days from the order placement date, sending a written communication to Lilamé via registered letter with advice of delivery (for Italy only) or via certified email. The communication must include: (a) a declaration of withdrawal of the Agreement, (b) description of the ordered products and their quantity, (c) date of the order placement. It is not possible to withdraw the Agreement with reference to supply of audiovisual products that have been opened by the Customer. In case of withdrawal, the Customer must send the Products back to Lilamé within 10 (ten) days from the date of their reception, by insured mail and bearing the shipment costs. Every item must be returned intact and packed with its original envelope. The respect of the above conditions allows the Customer to get a refund of the Products price from Lilamé. The refund will be issued within 30 (thirty) days from the Products return and it refers to the exact price of the Products as reported in the order form. Shipment and delivery costs are excluded.

3. Amount due and methods of payment.
The Customer will pay to Lilamè, as amount due for products supply and related shipping costs, the amount reported in the order form exclusively. The payment can be made through the main Credit card networks, by Cash on delivery (available for Italy only) or by anticipated Bank Transfer. It being understood what mentioned above, Lilamé reserves the right to modify the products price on the website at any moment.

4. Non-payment of the amount due – Supply suspension/disruption.
The Customer takes note that, in case of payment failure and after making further checks by the selected payment system, Lilamè will reserve the right to suspend and/or interrupt and/or disrupt the Products supply permanently, as well as to activate, according to terms and modalities allowed by the law, procedures and human resources inside or outside the society itself in order to recover payments and additional costs related to the publishing products of the catalogue.

5. Communications and contacts.
Lilamè will consider as effective every communication related to the present Contract that will be forwarded by the Customer via email at the following address: commerciale@lilame.org.

6. Applicable laws and legal disputes.
6.1. The present Agreement is subject to the Italian law. Potential nullity and/or invalidity, total or partial, of one or more articles does not affect the other articles contained in the present Agreement which must be considered fully valid and effective.

6.2. Excepted what stated by Art. 1469 bis, third section n. 19 of the Civil Code, every legal dispute that might occur between the Parts involved in the present Agreement, including the disputes about its interpretation, stipulation, enforcement, legal existence and inconsistence, validity and invalidity, withdrawal and cancellation, is exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Rome.

Approval in accordance with Art. 1341 and Art.1342 of the Italian Civil Code

In accordance with Art. 1341 and Art.1342 of the Italian Civil Code I declare that I have read and examined carefully the whole clauses and terms of the present Agreement and that I accept and approve the following provisions: 1,2,3,4,5,6.

Rome, January 10st 2016

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